GBA SECURITY, TAPPS, MUZZLE FRONT and Z7 Feb 2013 Civilian Critical Defense Course

This course will give an average citizen the solid foundations of theory, application, skill level and mind-set to protect themselves and others in a crisis situation. Active shooter scenarios, home defense and defense without a firearm will be focused on as well as defensive firearms training.

The major components of the course are as follows:

Mind-set: Preparing yourself for a crisis as well as assisting others
Defensive handgun and Tactical carbine
TAPPS pressure point defensive techniques (unarmed defensive tactics)
Team and individual security fundamentals in a home environment
FAHE (First aid in hostile environments)

Here is a link to info on the TAPPS program

Mark Bousquet, the founder of GBA, developed the TAPPS program which is currently taught to police departments and SWAT teams. This program was developed to be simple and effective. The techniques taught work not only with SWAT teams around the country, but also the elderly and women's defense courses. This program method WORKS and it doesn't matter your size or strength level.

Muzzle Front ( will be leading the range instruction for the handgun and carbine instruction. Robert Higgins, the lead instructor for Muzzle Front, has provided an array of different firearms training for over ten years resulting in thousands of empowered students. For this course he will be working with Z7's lead firearms instructor to combine his intensive training on technique, safety and application with the courses real world learning environment and scenarios. This module will not be held standing still firing at paper targets. You will move, you will be stressed, you will use critical thinking and problem solving and you will have live scenarios that will test your mind and body. Training with a firearm is simply not enough, to survive you must learn to move, react and live with firearms. These two modules will give you the foundation and the skill set to build the confidence and know how you need to react diligently and competently in a crisis situation.

Z7 Tactical is a training organization that find the best instructors, develops dynamic courses and brings them to their students. Darren Wilburn Z7's lead trainer will be leading the Mind-set preparing yourself and others for a crisis, defensive firearms and team and individual security fundamentals.
Darren Wilburn has been a Private Investigator and survival trainer as well as a firearms instructor for 20+ years. Mr Wilburn brings U.S. Army Special Forces training to his students in a simple and practical response to crisis method.
Mind-set is one of the most important aspects of surviving any crisis, also having the ability to influence the mind-set of those you are protecting is crucial.
Team and Individual security basics are something people often overlook or neglect to practice until it is too late. This module will teach you how to work and move as a team (or a family!). You will learn how to set up a security perimeter and how to keep watch for threats in your carefully selected area. You will also learn how to respond if a threat is detected.
The FAHE portion of the course will be a joint held real time scenario to teach you basics of how to care for yourself and others if wounded in a crisis. Identification and treatment of major trauma ie sucking chest wounds, arterial bleeds etc will be covered. This module shows you what to do for yourself and others when seconds count and the ambulance is minutes away.

This is an outline from a previous course. Each course is customized to its participants and no two Z7 courses are ever the same.

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